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The Together Statement

Today in Resistance, Tomorrow in Solidarity
and Forever in Freedom

The Together Statement is a democratically-formed collective statement created by LGBTQI+ youth activists and organisations around the world. This first statement was formed at The Together Conference in December 2021, focusing on the Central Asia and Europe region. It details the greatest problems, solutions, and recommendations facing LGBTQI+ youth today in the five key areas of education, employment, health, housing, and political participation.

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The Together Statement Signatories

The following people and organisations have signed or publicly endorsed The Together Statement

Supporters and Co-creators at the 2021 Together Conference (individuals & organisations):

ILGA World

Kyrgyz Indigo

The Global Center


Feminita Kazakhstan


The Global Queer Youth Network

Oscar Fitzpatrick

Anbid Zaman

Adilet Alimkulov

Zhanar Sekerbayeva

Cody Freeman

Rubén Ávila

Petra Tomašić

Bella FitzPatrick

Electra Zacharias

Martin Karadzhov

Toryn Glavin

Sultan Mussakhan

Publicly endorsed by (individuals):

Ronie Zuze

Anas Gilgamesh

Pip Gardner

Angel queentus

Publicly endorsed by (organisations, institutions, groups):

Jaffna Transgender Network Srilanka 

Trans & Intersex Pride Dublin 

LGBTQ Human Right and General Well Being Supp. & Dev't Org

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