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Upcoming Activities


Reshaping the Narrative: LGBTIQ+ Youth Rights in Contemporary Africa

Join us for 'Reshaping the Narrative: LGBTIQ+ Youth Rights in Contemporary Africa' panel discussion, delving into the challenges and opportunities faced by the diverse LGBTIQ+ youth in Africa. Explore the unique legal and social landscapes shaping their rights and aspirations, as we seek to address discrimination, violence, and legal constraints impacting their daily lives. Be part of this crucial dialogue, prioritizing the voices and experiences of African LGBTIQ+ youth and their allies, in a bid to foster strategic solutions and advocacy within the African context.

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Join the Global Queer Youth Network

By joining the GQYN, your organisation will become part of a dynamic network that nurtures your organization's growth, fosters connections with like-minded activists, and creates pathways for your meaningful participation in shaping a more inclusive, equitable world. Whether you're a youth-led LGBTIQ+ entity, a collaborative project of human rights defenders, or an organization passionate about youth-focused civil society activities, we invite you to be a part of our global movement for positive change. Together, we can make a difference.

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 The Future of Queer Youth-Led Movement: Global Town Hall

Discover the transformative power of the Global Queer Youth Network in the 'Future of Queer Youth-Led Movement: Global Town Hall.' Join us in exploring the vibrant intersections of culture and global connectivity as we delve into the essential mission and vision of GQYN within the realm of international LGBTIQ+ rights advocacy. This town hall isn't just an informational event; it serves as a catalyst for actionable change, fostering active participation, collaboration, and united advocacy. Be part of a dynamic platform that seeks to amplify the collective voice of LGBTIQ+ communities worldwide, forging connections, and mobilizing for a future where their rights are respected, safeguarded, and celebrated on a global scale.


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We host regular events, monthly members meetings, and engage in a variety of civil society spaces.


No notices to share

If you, your organization, your member state, or any other stakeholders are seeking valuable insights, perspectives, or contributions from our vibrant LGBTIQ+ young community, this is the place to connect!

Members will regularly share their upcoming opportunities which will be posted here. We invite all allies to share opportunities, calls for input, job postings, and any other content that directly impacts or empowers LGBTIQ+ youth. Together, we can create a more inclusive world where every voice matters.



Previous Activities:

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LGBTIQ+ Youth at the 2022 SDG Action Zone

The Global Queer Youth Network was thrilled to participate in this multi-day online activist gathering. You can review the sessions on demand by clicking below.

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Support The 2022 Together Statement

The Together Statement is a democratically-formed collective statement created by LGBTQI+ youth activists and organisations around the world. Focusing on the Central Asia and Europe region. It details the greatest problems, solutions, and recommendations facing LGBTQI+ youth today in the five key areas of education, employment, health, housing, and political participation.


Queer Youth Dialogues Call to Action

Following the inaugural year of programming, the Queer Youth Dialogues, this document was published in response to the calls for solidarity and meaningful support from young LGBTIQ activists. It challenges stakeholders to prioritize four key areas when engaging with and working in the interests of LGBTIQ young people globally.


Collaborate with the Global Queer Youth Network

Find out how you can best fit into our ongoing work by getting in touch with us!

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