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Creating Safe Spaces Together hovers over a collection of people holding LGBTIQ+ pride flags.

The Global Queer Youth  Network

The Global Queer Youth Network is comprised of membership from individuals who represent regional LGBTIQ organisations or groups  whose mandate is the furthering of global Youth LGBTIQ rights and protections. Membership is reliant on the organisation in question being Youth Focused, Youth Led, and Youth informed at every level.

About us

The Global Queer Youth Network has been established to connect and strengthen regional and international LGBTIQ youth civil society organisations. The GQYN aims to create networks and resources in order for global and regional LGBTIQ civil society organisations to better support youth with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and sex characteristics and advocate for their issues on a global level.


Simply put, The Global Queer Youth Network is a collaborative committee of representatives from global LGBTIQ+ movements and organisations. This committee is primarily tasked with inputting on the programming & activities of The Global Queer Youth Network. For more information on what membership of the GQYN involves, see below.

We are entirely youth led, youth focused, youth managed, and youth organised entity.


At all levels the Global Queer Youth Network is youth.

The key principles of the Global Queer Youth Network are:

  • Meaningful Participation

  • Transparency

  • Collaborative processes

  • Co-production & Co-design

  • Accessibility

  • Respect

  • Intersectionality

  • Integrity

About us

What does the Global Queer Youth Network do?

Networking, Connection, Collaboration:


At our core the Global Queer Youth Network exists to ensure opportunities for Networking, Connection, and Collaboration. Members of our committee, partners, and participants in our activities are continuously connected in independent partnerships and GQYN collaborations.


We pride ourselves on creating meaningful and sustainable global activist partnerships, this may come in the form of collaborative reports and consultations, or perhaps we will connect two activist organisations as one has a resource that is of use to the other. The ways in which we connect members are reflective of the direct needs of those members.

Regular Programming & Activities:

Programming & Activities which aim to build a stronger global youth movement for LGBTIQ rights, so that LGBTIQ youth activists and civil society organisations (CSOs) can better realize legislative, cultural and behavioral change that advances their rights and freedoms. Since its establishment in 2020 the Global Queer Youth Network has delivered a variety of collaborative activities:


The Queer Youth Dialogues

The Queer Youth Dialogues was our inaugural series of programing, running from July 2021 to May 2022. With the aim of building a stronger global youth movement for LGBTIQ human rights, with more resources, support and power. The Queer Youth Dialogues are a series of programmatic events, trainings, and connection opportunities which invite LGBTIQ+ Young people from around the world to engage, build capacity, network, and share their experiences.

You can see more information about the Queer Youth Dialogues & explore our resultant publication now by clicking below.



The Queer Youth Dialogues are a partnership initiative supported by ILGA World, the Global Queer Youth Network, the United Nations Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth (OSGEY), and the UN Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity (IE SOGI).

The Together Conference 2021

The Together Conference was held on the weekend of December 11th 2021. Thanks to the valuable insight from those who participated or contributed we have collected over 150 individual points of action across (but not limited to) our five key issue areas of Health, Housing, Employment, Education, and Political Participation. These points of action are explored in detail in The Together Statement, which you can read, use, and support now.


You can find out more about The Together Conference and The Together Statement by clicking below.

Consultations and intersectional partnerships

The Global Queer Youth Network regularly inputs on various reports, calls to action, working groups, and global partnerships. We platform the voices of our members and the issues raised by our global community.


The Global Queer Youth Network welcomes additional intersectional partnerships and collaboration opportunities - you can get in touch with us by clicking below.

What does the GQYN do?

Network Membership

The Global Queer Youth Network is co-chaired by three global youth representatives:

Image displays a photograph of Anbid Zaman, co-chair to the Global Queer Youth Network
Petra tomasic, co-chair of the Global Queer Youth Network, is displayed in this image.
Martin Karadzhov is displayed in this image. He is a co-chair of the Global Queer Youth Network
Network Membership

What Does Membership Involve?

Members of the Global Queer Youth Network must have an ongoing commitment to strengthening regional and international LGBTIQ youth movements and advancing the human rights of LGBTIQ youth on global level by:

  1. Creating and maintaining networks of communication, resource-sharing, and meaningful collaboration with regional, trans-regional, and global LGBTIQ+ Youth civil society organisations.

  2. Developing and implementing a varied program of engagement and activity which engages with multiple levels of civil society and the public in the combined goal of advocating for intersectional LGBTIQ+ Youth Issues on a global level.

  3. Promoting meaningful participation of LGBTIQ+ youth within the global LGBTIQ+ movement through resource development, training, partnerships, and consultancies.

  4. Advocating for LGBTIQ Youth Issues through using regional and international human rights mechanisms.

  5. Collaborating with varied and intersectional movements to ensure meaningful participation of, and consideration towards, LGBTIQ+ youth issues on a global level.

If you are interested in collaborating or joining the Global Queer Youth Network You can contact us via the button below.

What does membership involve?
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