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Safer tech for queers to connect:

Introducing freeQ and the power of alternative queer technology.

As we all continue to engage in remote and online events, we have become used to exchanging our valuable data and security in order to engage connection with our communities. There are countless video conferencing platforms on the market but none of these platforms are made for queer people, by queer people, and with an ethos of empowering queer people. This is where freeQ steps in.

freeQ means freedom for queers!


freeQ is a queer owned and operated platform that enables community connection without risking our security and privacy. freeQ partners with online event producers to host festivals, parties, workshops for the LGBTQ+ and sex-positive communities!

This session of the Queer Youth dialogues will:

  • Introduce the platform and features of freeQ

  • Overview the history of the development of freeQ as an alternative queer technology

  • Open a dialogue with the freeQ team about what the wants and needs of our activist community are - how can freeQ be the most useful tool possible?

  • Empower youth activists to take alternative action, such as establishing an independent solution to a community problem.

Join us on Friday February 18th at 16:00 CET

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