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My body, my rights, our freedom: connecting sexual and reproductive health rights and LGBTIQ movements 

There is significant overlap between progress on LGBTIQ rights and wider sexual and reproductive health rights. As highlighted at the Nairobi Summit, sexual and reproductive health rights, including continued action on HIV/AIDS, are a core part of the Sustainable Development Goals, with dedicated action by 2030. Particularly young people can face multiple, intersecting obstacles to sexual and reproductive health information and services related to age as well as disabilities, gender diversity, sexual orientation and ethnicity, among others. This session of the Queer Youth Dialogues will discuss the conclusions of the latest report of the ICPD25 Committee, especially on issues regarding youth and LGBTIQ people. We will also hear from youth speakers who work in the intersection between LGBTIQ and SRHR to learn about challenges and good practices derived from their work on the ground

What will I gain from joining?

  • Participants will have increased understanding about the ICPD25 report for 2021

  • Participants will have increased knowledge of strategies and tactics that promote both agendas

  • Connections are made between LGBTIQ and SRHR youth activists 

  • LGBTIQ youth are empowered and inspired to engage and influence the policy conversations that impact their lives.


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Meet the Panel

Quote from Dr. Alvaro Bermejo
Quote from Saskia Schellekens
Quote from Sofia Jimenez.
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