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Advocating for a better future: exploring intersections between the Climate, Peacebuilding and LGBTIQ youth movements.

This session of the Queer Youth Dialogues will explore and highlight the intersections between different agendas, the challenges to acknowledge them and the mutual benefits of doing so. The discussions will follow the format of a guided conversation, led by a youth activist. Attendees will have the chance to submit questions during their registration and throughout the event, using the Q&A function of Zoom. This event will feature two segments.

The first segment, named “Towards an Intersectional Future: Achieving Agenda 2030”, will invite speakers to reflect on the challenges and opportunities in working through an intersectional lens, and how Agenda 2030 and its holistic approach can be used as an analytical framework to do this. They will be asked to share examples of actions that take into account the multi-layered and complex challenges of our time, as well as intersecting identities of people, and how we can continue to push for more integration between different agendas.


The second segment will focus on “Intersectional Youth in Action: Climate Change & Peacebuilding''. Speakers will be asked to share their experiences as young LGBTIQ activists and how this informs their advocacy and activism. Speakers will reflect on how we can ensure that the change advocated for and by youth in different movements  intersects with LGBTIQ issues.

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