This is a yellow graphic in the style of a computer desktop. There are 3 pink folder icons on the graphic which read “Resistance, freedom and solidarity”. There is a pink box which reads “Today in resistance, tomorrow in solidarity and forever in freedom”, under this it reads “Sat & Sun December 11th/12th 2021, Central Asia & Europe LGBTQI+ youth conference, register via the link in bio”. Under this there are the logos of the collaborating partners; Global Center, Feminita, ILGA World, IGLYO, Kyrgyz Indigo, ShoutOut and the Global Queer Youth Network
Together - Today in Resistance, Tomorrow in Solidarity and Forever in Freedom

Central Asia & Europe LGBTQI+ Youth Activist Conference

Logos of the collaborating partners of The Together Conference; Global Center, Feminita, ILGA World, IGLYO, Kyrgyz Indigo, ShoutOut and the Global Queer Youth Network

About the Conference

Youth can and do change the world! We have always been at the forefront of transformative, sustainable, and global change. Yet, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) youth around the world disproportionately face violence, stigma, and discrimination due to who they are, who they love, and the activism that they do. These interpersonal and structural inequalities often deny LGBTQI+ youth their human rights to education, employment, health, housing, and meaningful political participation; inequalities which have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Despite this, many LGBTQI+ youth are ready to face challenges and are resilient as they lead our collective journey to freedom! It is this resilience and passion which will be the driving force for continued change. That is why we invite you to engage in the upcoming two-day conference titled Together - Today in Resistance, Tomorrow in Solidarity, and Forever in Freedom or simply, The Together Conference. This strategic conference will invite young LGBTIQ+ activists and youth-led, youth-focused organisations to come together and collaborate to produce a stronger movement locally, regionally, and globally.


Join us at The Together Conference as we create a space that brings together youth activists as we move forward in creating a new normal that is more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable. This moment in our history calls for an action-oriented space that enables critical reflection, facilitates open dialogue for sharing struggles, and plans a collective path forward for our movements. We will identify the most prevalent problems, offer solutions, and develop recommendations that address key issues faced by LGBTQI+ youth. The conference will conclude with the publication of The Together Statement, a democratically-created collective statement that will be used for meaningful impact among policymakers, activists, community-based organizations, and academics.


This online and highly-interactive conference will reflect the democratic youth engagement and decision-making practices we aim to foster in our societies. These two days will be a seed in building a movement of LGBTQI+ youth activists advocating through both unity and intersectionality for the areas that impact their everyday lives. The Together Conference will recenter the ongoing work of our community, drive forward impact on a global scale, and form futures where all LGBTQI+ youth are free and equal.


Conference Outline

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Breakout Session Themes:

The Together Conference will facilitate the creation of The Together Statement.


This democratically created document will serve as a call to action across five key issue areas:

  • Housing

  • Political Participation

  • Health

  • Employment

  • Education

The purpose of the Together Statement is to provide key stakeholders with a call to action directly from the voices of LGBTQI+ youth and organizations.

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The Together Conference was held on the weekend of December 11th 2021. Thanks to the valuable insight from those who participated or contributed we have collected over 150 individual points of action across (but not limited to) our five key issue areas of Health, Housing, Employment, Education, and Political Participation.


Some dedicated members of the team are now processing these contributions and after a secondary consultation period we look forward to sharing The Together Statement in the early weeks of 2022.


If you contributed to The Together Statement you should have received an email explaining the upcoming process, for those who would like to become involved at this point you are invited to sign up to the dedicated mailing group via the form below.


If you would like to contribute to the continued development of The Together Statement in early January 2022 please sign up to the dedicated mailing group below.

Contribute to The Together Statement in January 2022

Thanks for registering. We look forward to connecting with you in early 2022.

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