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Global Queer Youth Network X The Global Center

Democracy 1:1 Festival 2021

Speed Networking for LGBTIQ Youth Issues - Connecting Activists, Sharing Experience, Building Networks:


There is a collective and unfulfilled responsibility to ensure that LGBTIQ youth voices are not only included, but also meaningfully participating in the decision-making and conversations at all levels that impact their lives. There are deep disparities of connection between global LGBTIQ youth voices, entrenching already existing issues of global connectivity. In order for meaningful, sustainable, and youth-informed global equity to be achieved, the specific challenges faced by young LGBTIQ people need to be fully recognised, accepted and integrated into the work of the United Nations, Member States and the international development community at large. 


One step towards greater access for global LGBTIQ youth changemakers and stakeholders will be improved networked communication between individuals, groups, and platforms. This is why the Global Queer Youth Network will be facilitating a session of “speed networking” during the program of the 1:1 Democracy Festival.



This event will invite attendees to participate in Speed Networking. The objective of this activity is to facilitate connecting new potential partners at a rapid rate. See the below table for a detailed outline of the activity. The session will be facilitated by Oscar Noel Fitzpatrick.  


By joining the event, participants will gain:


  • A formed “elevator pitch” for their work, if they do not have one already.

  • An introduction to some basic communication skills and strategies to be used in networking.

  • Experience in rapid-fire elevator-pitch introductions.

  • Connection with other activists, advocates, stakeholders, and changemakers in the area of LGBTIQ+ youth issues.

  • A social opportunity for casual connection.




 The session will be opened With opening remarks from the United Nations Secretary General's Envoy on Youth, Ms. Jauathma Wickramanayake and facilitation provided by ILGA World's consultant to Youth, Mr. Oscar Noel Fitzpatrick.


Upon entry to the tent participants will be guided through building their elevator pitch for use through the rest of the session. Once participants have been guided through the key points of their networking introduction, the session will move to 4 rounds of speed-networking. Participants will be paired and invited to deliver their introductory pitches for 3-5 minutes each. After 10 minutes have passed participants will be directed to a new connection.

Thank you to those who attended this event.

This event was held live and in person as part of the Democracy 1:1 Festival, held in conjunction with the Human Rights Conference, Copenhagen World Pride 2021, and the EuroGames.

For anyone who attended and has not received the post-event survey we kindly ask you to complete it via this link:

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