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Image displays 10 cartoon people holding LGBTIQ pride flags.

Supporting Global LGBTIQ+ Youth Voices

The Global Queer Youth Network is committed to developing a future where all LGBTIQ+ youth are free, equal, and empowered.

The Global Queer Youth Network will, under the collaborative efforts of its committee and key partners, develop and deliver a diverse range of programming and opportunities which serve our communities of LGBTIQ+ youth activists and organisations.

The GQYN delivered in its first year, while simultaneously establishing itself as an emergent network, programming which has engaged over 1,000 individual activists from all regions of the world. The Queer Youth Dialogues engaged over 1,000 individual LGBTIQ+ youth activists. You can read more about our first year of programming here.

We develop programming in response to the calls from our community and ensure tailored accessibility to engage in programing. Our approach to accessibility is enshrined in an understanding of the digital divide alongside. We have for example, in the past, provided financial support for ongoing participants in our programming. On other occasions we have provided

Throughout the years the GQYN has been delivering online, in-person, and hybrid activities which bring queer youth issues and voices to the forefront of every conversation. The best way to hear about our activities is to sign up to our mailing list.

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The Together Conference 2023

Taking place October 2023

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Since 2020 the GQYN has stood for LGBTIQ+ youth

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