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 The Future of Queer Youth-Led Movement: Global Town Hall

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In a world marked by diversity, vibrant intersections of culture, and an increasingly connected global landscape, the Global Queer Youth Network (GQYN) stands as a beacon of hope, unity, and resilience in the pursuit of universal LGBTIQ+ rights. Guided by the dual goals of expanding its membership base and actively engaging with the global community it serves, The GQYN Town Hall series emerges as an essential event designed to not only share knowledge but to evoke actionable change. This gathering promises to be more than a mere informational session; it is poised to be a catalyst for active participation, collaboration, and united advocacy.

The importance of this event is twofold: Firstly, it offers a platform for the GQYN to share its vital mission, vision, and role in the intricate web of international LGBTIQ+ rights advocacy. This avenue aims to attract a broader spectrum of passionate individuals and organizations to join the GQYN's journey as active members. Secondly, the town hall is an opportunity to forge meaningful connections, foster engagement, and ensure that the collective voice of LGBTIQ+ communities resonates loudly on the global stage. This event aspires to embolden, educate, and mobilize, as the world moves progressively toward a future where LGBTIQ+ rights are respected, safeguarded, and celebrated worldwide.


  • Raise Awareness and Promote Understanding: To enhance global awareness and comprehension of the pivotal role played by the Global Queer Youth Network (GQYN) within the broader context of the LGBTIQ+ rights movement.

  • Empower and Amplify Voices: To empower LGBTIQ+ human rights defenders, advocates, and organizations by offering a platform to articulate experiences and interventions, thereby amplifying the voices and concerns of marginalized communities.

  • Facilitate Collaboration and Networking: To establish an environment that fosters networking and collaborative efforts within the LGBTIQ+ community and its allies, promoting unity and shared objectives.

  • Inspire Action and Commitment: To ignite a spirit of action and unwavering commitment to the advancement of LGBTIQ+ rights, leading to tangible and lasting change on both local and global scales.


This forum session is designed as an immersive and interactive gathering, bringing together diverse voices of LGBTIQ+ human rights defenders, advocates, and organizations from a spectrum of geographical, cultural, and generational backgrounds. The event unfolds across three pivotal segments:

Information Presentation on the Global Queer Youth Network (GQYN):

The event inaugurates with a structured presentation, affording participants an insightful immersion into the GQYN's mission, objectives, and multi-pronged initiatives. This knowledge-sharing session is not just preliminary but fundamentally instrumental in cultivating a shared understanding of the GQYN's role within the overarching LGBTIQ+ rights framework.

GQYN Member Interventions:

Content: Invited members of the GQYN, exemplifying the vanguard of young LGBTIQ+ activists, share their invaluable lived experiences, pivotal challenges, and groundbreaking triumphs. These individual accounts and commentaries encapsulate the realities of youth participation within the global LGBTIQ+ community, emphasizing the urgency and significance of youth-led initiatives.

LGBTIQ+ Town Hall Breakout Rooms:

This event's core rests in its designation as a Town Hall, where the community's diverse voices resonate. Participants will be subdivided into breakout rooms, each hosted by GQYN members. In these open-floor sessions, LGBTIQ+ human rights defenders, advocates, and organizations from every corner of the globe shall have the floor to elucidate updates, articulate compelling calls to action, and partake in dialogues and interventions that are pertinent to the pursuit of universal LGBTIQ+ rights.

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