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Reshaping the Narrative: LGBTIQ+ Youth Rights in Contemporary Africa


Africa is a continent of immense diversity, both culturally and in terms of its legal and social landscapes. Within this diversity, LGBTIQ+ youth face unique and complex challenges, as well as inspiring opportunities for change. In today's dynamic global context, it is imperative that the unique challenges and aspirations of LGBTIQ+ youth in Africa are brought to the forefront. The diversity of the continent’s legal and social landscape present a unique context and set for challenges for advancing and protecting the human rights of LGBTIQ+ young people. Discrimination, violence, and legal restrictions continue to impact the daily lives of many LGBTIQ+ youth across Africa. 

This panel discussion aims to provide a platform for substantive dialogue, analysis, and strategic thinking on how to advance LGBTIQ+ youth rights within the African context. This initiative prioritizes the lived experiences, perspectives, and contributions of African LGBTIQ+ youth and their allies.

The panel discussion will feature a diverse range of speakers, including activists, legal experts, community leaders, and allies. The event will also include a Q&A session and networking opportunities to encourage dialogue and collaboration.

The panel discussion will be held virtually, via zoom webinar. The event will bring together a diverse group of African LGBTIQ+ youth, activists, allies, and supporters. The panelists will share their stories, experiences, and insights on the chosen topics. The event will be moderated to ensure open, respectful, and informative dialogue.


  • Highlighting African Voices: The discussion will provide a platform for African LGBTIQ+ youth and their allies to share their experiences, perspectives, and insights on the unique challenges and opportunities in advocating for LGBTIQ+ rights within the African context. Speakers will include members of the Global Queer Youth Network and our wider community of activists and allies.

  • Building Knowledge and Awareness: The event will foster a better understanding of the legal, social, and cultural factors that impact LGBTIQ+ youth in Africa, helping participants develop more informed and empathetic perspectives.

  • Creating Strategic Alliances: It will facilitate connections and collaborations among participants, encouraging the formation of strategic alliances and partnerships to drive advocacy and support for LGBTIQ+ youth rights in Africa.


Our panel discussion is divided into two thought-provoking segments, each designed to shed light on different aspects of the LGBTIQ+ youth experience in Africa.

Part One: Intersecting Youth Initiatives, Legal Frameworks, and Advocacy


Our first discussion delves into the world of youth-led initiatives, the legal frameworks that support or hinder progress, and the role of advocacy in shaping a more inclusive Africa. We will explore the pioneering work of young activists and the legal changes that have already started reshaping the landscape.


Part Two: Intersectionality, Community Resilience, and the Role of Allies


The second part of our discussion will explore the theme of intersectionality and the resilience of LGBTIQ+ youth in African communities. We will also consider the pivotal role of allies in furthering the cause. This segment will be a testament to the strength that emerges from the diversity of experiences, identities, and backgrounds.

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