Global Queer Youth Network

Development plan

The main purpose of the Global LGBTIQ Youth Platform is to connect and strengthen regional and international LGBTIQ youth civil society organisations so they can better support youth with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and sex characteristics and advocate for their issues on a global level. In order to do this the Network will be hosting a series of events, engagements, and interventions throughout the year – with a goal of engaging our global community, sharing resources, learn from each other, plan for a more equal future, and celebrate our achievements as they happen.


Areas of Action

The Network is currently in development. Currently the organising individuals are meeting regularly to develop and assess the progress of developing official structures and systems of management for the GQYN. This development stage is intended to progress over the next 12 months in tandem with the 2021 calendar of events.

GQYN Development Committee

The Network is comprised of membership from individuals who represent regional LGBTIQ organisations or groups  whose mandate is the furthering of global Youth LGBTIQ rights and protections. Membership is reliant on the organisation in question being Youth Focused, Youth Led, and Youth informed at every level. More information about the members coming soon.

The goal of the structural development of the network will be to facilitate a long-term system that continues to exist long after its current organising body has moved on. The network will develop a contractual commitment for members to agree to. There will be a system of election or selection within the network to determine who is willing to be a front facing spokesperson when needed, other positions such as social media management, new member management, and secretary may also be developed and input into the structure as needed.

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Calendar of events 2021

The Network intends on delivering a series of events in tandem with its structural development. The network will use this event series to develop its issue network, correspondence network, and build its recognition on the global stage. Regular events will run in tandem to monthly committee meetings where the current body of volunteer members will design an effective, sustainable, and action-led network of global queer youth. The incubation period in tandem with the event series will give a unique opportunity for regular feedback and problem solving as moments are encountered. Influenced by the power of youth innovation we believe the timing of this network & its event series is vital, there can no longer be a waiting period for the network to advance its structure – youth need this now.

The events series aims to build a stronger global youth movement for LGBTIQ rights, so that LGBTIQ youth activists and CSOs can better realise legislative, cultural and behavioural change that advances their rights and freedoms. The Initiative is a joint partnership between the Global Queer Youth Network, OSGEY, and IE SOGI.

For youth participants, who are contacted via the network's membership connections, a fundamental aim is to build the capacity of youth-led organizations to influence change, especially at the regional and global level. This will include establishing a global infrastructure supporting young LGBTIQ activists and youth-led networks and ensuring that it has the capacity and resources to be an effective and sustainable platform for action over the next decade. 

Within the UN system and with Member States, the Initiative seeks to enhance and promote the human rights of LGBTIQ youth and strengthen structures for their meaningful participation. The programme will include a set of high-level political events to instigate a set of structures, commitments and future actions.

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Resource Development

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge. Advocacy is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact. Building upon the results of both events and committee meetings the GQYN aims to regularly produce and publish a variety of resources, calls to action, and toolkits.