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The Global Queer Youth Network

Established in October 2020, the Global Queer Youth Network (GQYN) strives to connect and strengthen regional and international LGBTIQ+ youth civil society organisations so they can better support youth of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and sex characteristics and advocate for their issues on a global level. The GQYN is an association of LGBTIQ+ youth-specific and LGBTIQ+ youth-supportive non-profit groups and organisations which are youth focused and youth led.


The GQYN aims to create, facilitate, and maintain a global network of member organisations whose mandate is to further the rights, protections, and societal acceptance of LGBTIQ+ Young People. The GQYN also aims to strengthen global partnerships through resource development, networked communication on thematic issues relating to the rights of LGBTIQ+ Youth across the globe, and the facilitation of events and interventions which align with this mandate.  To do this, the GQYN hosts ongoing regular capacity building events, participates in collaborative intersectional engagements with stakeholders, and creates meaningful pathways for LGBTIQ+ youth inclusion in civil society and beyond – with a goal of engaging our global community, sharing resources, learning from each other, and celebration. 


All activities and interventions of the Global Queer Youth Network bring the issues of LGBTIQ+ youth issues to the forefront.

The Global Queer Youth Network's website is currently undergoing a redesign. Please excuse our appearance while this necessary redesign takes place.

Upcoming program activities are listed below and advertised via mailing list and social media.

A temporary archive of the GQYN's previous program activities is available.

Upcoming Activities

Town Hall - May 31st 15:00 CET

Join the Global Queer Youth Network for its next Town Hall. Share your input! Contribute to our global reporting and advocacy! Register now to contribute.

The Together Conference 2023

Preparations are underway for the 2023 Together Conference. After the success of the first Together Conference in 2021 and the publication of the first Together Statement the Global Queer Youth Network is excited to share more as this process continues. Join the GQYN mailing list now to hear about how you can contribute to the planning of the conference, how you can participate, and how to contribute to the ongoing development of the next Together Statement.

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