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Upcoming Activities

Envisioning a Digital Feminist Space: The Role of Gender Equality in Technology and Innova

Envisioning a Digital Feminist Space: The Role of Gender Equality in Technology and Innovation

Are you passionate about gender equality and digital inclusion?


This will be an interactive session focusing on the intersections of inclusive communication and technology platforms for young people in all their diversity. The Innovation Mastermind will:

  • Offer a networking space for intergenerational advocates for gender equality and digital innovation to connect and be in dialogue with one another

  • Provide a space to reflect on aspects of a digitalized feminist space, including safety, education, mental health and well-being, and peace and security

  • Explore young people’s priorities on gender equality, technology and innovation


Find out more about the GQYN

We host regular events, monthly members meetings, and engage in a variety of civil society spaces.

Envisioning a Digital Feminist Space: The Role of Gender Equality in Technology and Innova

Join our Queer Youth Town Hall on November 25th

This event invites you to meet with our team and a global network of young LGBTIQ+ activists, together we will host a global forum and collaboratively create action-oriented strategies to combat the issues raised by our global community.


Launch of the first-ever Youth Declaration on Transforming Education.

Over the last few months, youth have led a process to gather their collective vision, demands, and commitments to transforming education. This youth-led process has been coordinated by the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth and the Transforming Education Summit Secretariat hosted by UNESCO, with the support of many other partners.


The Youth Declaration process engaged nearly half a million youth in all their diversity from over 170 countries and all regions through in-person and online consultations, surveys, polls, including the UNICEF U-Report on Transforming Education Poll, social media campaigns, written inputs, and more.



The European Commission wants to hear from all intersex* persons and parents of intersex persons in the EU!

We are hoping to explore experiences of growing up, the healthcare system, education, employment, and later life among other areas.


 If you are interested in taking part, you can speak to us in one of two ways:


 An interview (conducted over the phone or on Microsoft Teams) or a complementary online consultation to shed light to additional and in-depth dimensions of intersex life."                                                          


State of Education Report: Collaboration Opportunity                                                                    


We want The Global Center wants to hear from you! If you're from the SWANA region, particularly in Egypt, please take our survey on LGBTI-inclusive education.  

What is the survey about? Our State of Education report will provide a global database on the key milestones and histories, best practices, gaps in policies and programs, and sustainable strategies through country-level snapshot reports.



Previous Activities:

SDG Action zone.jpg

LGBTIQ+ Youth at the 2022 SDG Action Zone

The Global Queer Youth Network was thrilled to participate in this multi-day online activist gathering. You can review the sessions on demand by clicking below.

Image 1 ENG.png

Support The Together Statement

The Together Statement is a democratically-formed collective statement created by LGBTQI+ youth activists and organisations around the world. Focusing on the Central Asia and Europe region. It details the greatest problems, solutions, and recommendations facing LGBTQI+ youth today in the five key areas of education, employment, health, housing, and political participation.


Queer Youth Dialogues Call to Action

Following the inaugural year of programming, the Queer Youth Dialogues, this document was published in response to the calls for solidarity and meaningful support from young LGBTIQ activists. It challenges stakeholders to prioritize four key areas when engaging with and working in the interests of LGBTIQ young people globally.


Collaborate with the Global Queer Youth Network

Find out how you can best fit into our ongoing work by getting in touch with us!

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