Queer Youth Dialogues

The Queer Youth Dialogues are a series of programmatic events, trainings, and connection opportunities which invite LGBTIQ+ Young people from around the world to engage, build capacity, network, and share their experiences.

The Queer Youth Dialogues constitute a year long campaign, running from July 2021 to May 2022, with the aim of building a stronger global youth movement for LGBTIQ human rights, with more resources, support and power.

Currently the Dialogues engage directly with a group of up 40 young LGBTIQ+ activist voices from around the world, this group is directly supported in capacity building, networking, and access to the wide variety of events held throughout the year of programing.

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Key messages of the Queer Youth Dialogues:
  • The human rights of every young person should be respected and realised, and for the LGBTIQ youth community, this means having dignity, equality, and freedom. 

  •  The structures within the United Nations’ system need to be strengthened to allow for LGBTIQ youth’s meaningful participation in decision making that affect their lives. 

  •  Designated LGBTIQ youth forums and platforms are needed to provide a space for activists to highlight their experiences, the issues they face and influence decision-making. 

  •  An innovative and coordinated resource mobilization strategy is needed to guarantee support and funding access to youth-led LGBTIQ initiatives.

  •  Better support is needed for the global youth movement for LGBTIQ human rights to better realise legislative, cultural and behavioural change that advances their rights and freedoms.

The Queer Youth Dialogues are facilitated in partnership with ILGA World, the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, the Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and the Global Queer Youth Network.

The LGBTIQ youth movement includes an incredible array of identities and population groups, each which face specific and intersecting challenges: this includes non-binary, trans and gender diverse persons, intersex, women, indigenous persons, ethnic and linguistic minorities, youth who are sex workers, migrants, asylum seekers, displaced persons, refugees, LGBTIQ persons of African descent, and many more. 


The emergence of a vibrant global LGBTIQ movement is notable, however young LGBTIQ people often remain excluded (as is also the case within the broader civil society) from decision making processes that define their socio-cultural and political environments, at local, regional and international levels. 


Moreover, youth activists, particularly those most marginalized, are faced by the impossible dilemma to put themselves and their lives at risk advocating for their rights or remain hidden and silent about the challenges they face. While LGBTIQ civil society have been deeply engaged with the Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity and OHCHR to further the rights of LGBTIQ persons, issues pertaining specifically to youth continue to be sidelined at global convenings; are still considered “too sensitive”  to be addressed or mentioned within key human rights frameworks; and young LGBTIQ people’s equal participation still remain to be meaningfully prioritized.   


Two Streams of Dialogues

Stream 1 will be focused on advocacy towards UN agencies, member states and the international development community. This strand aims to raise awareness about the needs and rights of young LGBTIQ people, create opportunities for strengthening the capacity and resources of young LGBTIQ civil society organisations and activists, strengthen existing partnerships, and identify new opportunities for collaboration and meaningful participation of young LGBTIQ people within the UN system. 

Stream 2 events will be focused on creating spaces for civil society. This will be a series of events focusing on capacity building, networking, strategy development, as well as creative, artistic, and celebratory events. This strand aims to create solidarity and community amongst activists and youth-led LGBTIQ civil society organisations.


Four Modes

Both streams of events have four thematic modes:

Writing on a Notebook


Focus on sharing stories, strategies and experiences, including regional perspectives, intersectional campaigns, and history of the LGBTIQ movement.


Focus on capacity building, including campaign and organising skills, knowledge on specific aspects of campaigning.

Women Holding Hands


Focus on national and global movement building, strategy development, and future collaboration of regional LGBTIQ youth organisations (including developing the Queer Youth Network as a global platform).


Focus on celebrating the LGBTQ community and culture and will include music, artists, cultural performances and virtual parties.


How to register to take part in QYD

If you wish to attend public facing events (stream 1) there is no need to register for the Queer Youth Dialogues, we will regularly share and circulate information on how to attend these events.

If you wish to participate in the closed events (stream 2) such as digital security training and capacity building workshops, please submit your nomination on this page and you’ll be contacted with more information on how to participate.

Who Should Take Part in QYD?

  • Young and emergent activists who have an interest in engaging with advocacy within UN agencies, member states, and the international development community Individuals who wish to use their voice to create spaces for LGBTIQ youth within civil society.

    • If you are primarily interested in the former (stream 1) and not the latter (stream 2) please sign up to our mailing list to be informed of open participation with stream 1 events.

  • Individuals who wish to raise their strategic development skills, engage in global networking, and utilise their creative skills to develop advocacy and activist campaigns.

  • Participants must fall within the category of youth [ <35]

Organising Members

We have a growing network of members who are partnered to facilitate the Queer Youth Dialogues

Global Queer Youth Network members:

Global Queer Youth Network partners

  • ILGA World

  • Office of the Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

  • Office of the Secretary General's Envoy on Youth