The Global Queer Youth  Network

The Global Queer Youth Network is comprised of membership from individuals who represent regional LGBTIQ organisations or groups  whose mandate is the furthering of global Youth LGBTIQ rights and protections. Membership is reliant on the organisation in question being Youth Focused, Youth Led, and Youth informed at every level.

About us

The Global Queer Youth Network has been established to connect and strengthen regional and international LGBTIQ youth civil society organisations. The GQYN aims to create networks and resources in order for global and regional LGBTIQ civil society organisations to better support youth with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and sex characteristics and advocate for their issues on a global level.

The key principles of the Global Queer Youth Network are:

  • Meaningful Participation

  • Transparency

  • Collaboration

  • Co-production & Co design

  • Accessibility

  • Respect

  • Intersectionality

Network Membership

The Committee of the Global Queer Youth Network is comprised of representatives from the following organisations: